Plutonic Group Syncs :: D.Lights - Pendulum (2015)


≗ Pendulum ≗

When we talk about electronic music and techno, we often talk about the city of DetroitA historic and instinctive destination, whose native label, Jarring Effects, has taken their artists on a musical journey in a roundabout way with their international sound devoted to the city.

‘Pendulum‘ is highlighted with a pulsing, hypnotic synth key hook/loop over an edgy groove blended with a deep, subtle bass line and driving rhythms, rocks it out over a blippy, staccato melody featuring socially conscious male rappers with a solid flow.

With three French and American beatmakers – as well as three rappers from Detroit, the project D. Lights is the natural extension of the formula created originally in Cape town in 2012 now applied to another city, to another country.

A human and musical encounter around the repetitive beats of hip hop..


RIYL: Nas, Mos Def