Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Gentleman Losers - Permanent Midnight (2017)

Permanently Midnight

◓ Permanently Midnight ◓

The songs shaped by Samu and Ville are the result of a careful work of choice and interlocking of particles that is increasingly evident with each new listening, but which also has the ability to sculpt tales of great immediacy that move between dreamy electropop, sinuous soundscape and vague post-rock reminiscences.

The self-titled track, ‘Permanently Midnight‘ is seemingly constructed through harmonies deriving from low fidelity logics as overlapping layers of synths are interwoven in the shape-shifting sonic tapestries with washed-out electronics, whispered male vocals accompanied by ethereal backing vocals, gorgeous strings, reverb-laden piano notes and a ghostly guitar.

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow doesn’t seem to be coming; it’s permanently midnight.

RIYL: Advisory Circle, Boards of Canada, Benioit Pioulard, Lambchop, Bibio