Plutonic Group Syncs :: 'Phantom Limb' by Birdengine

Phantom Limb

유 Phantom Limb 유


‘The Crooked Mile’ is an album seemingly designed to surprise and we’re happy to say that it does not disappoint. Birdengine‘s album is a brooding, menacing piece defying pigeonholing by virtue of a variety of genre exercises each one of which executed with flair and sincerity.

Backed by drums and organs, the quasi-mariachi guitar on ‘Phantom Limb‘ conveys a certain gothic intensity and urgency, while the swooping falsetto vocals hint at the operatic, but pomposity and pretension are always avoided thanks to the lo-fi, acoustic setting and the genuinely unnerving strangeness of it all.

The first few second and initial lyrics of “Phantom Limb”, might catch you off guard. It seemingly gives a silly introduction for a silly song, and the repeated use of “I don’t like the look of it” make it kind of unclear what the song is going for. It’s a desperate, frantic song that interrupts its pace for a goofy lyric.

And that’s kind of a style on The Crooked Mile – grim songs populated by clandestine lyrics which come off as a bit funny, and for the life of me I can’t tell how intentional it is.


RIYL: Fireworks Night, Rufus Wainwright