Plutonic Group Syncs :: Easy Kill - Phantom Pain (Single)

Phantom Pain

⊗ Phantom Pain ⊗

When you start making your first inroads as a band with a description like ‘doom-pop’ bannering your work, it’s probably going to net you some attention. That’s what Manchester five-piece Easy Kill are toting, soul, lilting alt-rock with lyrics so bleak and foreboding that you could scream them through a mic and pass it off for a mid-2000s Machine Head track.

Phantom Pain‘ is an intensely complex three-and-a-half minutes, all spectral synthetic layers and perplexed vocals which are part sad-faced alt.rock party, part post-Alt-J sonic japery.

Their actual sound falls somewhere between Future Islands and Foals, which is about as ‘in’ as you can get right now. There’s a huge market for this kind of moody, introspective, electro-laden business but on ‘Phantom Pain‘ (presumably unrelated to the Metal Gear Solid game) Easy Kill still manage to establish themselves as individuals.

A lot of this is down to the structure of the song. It changes shape frequently, teasing at a drift into dreamlike repetition but never actually going there, instead, letting the vocals meander back and forth in search of the answer to some tragic, fundamental question.

RIYL: Alt-J, Future Islands, Foals.