Plastic Sound

〄 Plastic Sound 〄

If spacey is really your bag, Fireball F.C may be just the band for you, conjuring the spirit of ‘70’s rock bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles thus delivering eclectic, experimental, and mentally stimulating sounds —the kind of music that is candy for the mind.

A floating, chilled psychedelic waltz, ‘Plastic Sound‘ is a hallucinogenic buffet of 60s/70s modular synths, dreamlike melodies with soaring lead guitar washed in spacey, transcendental textures. Distorted guitars mixed with acid synths and hypnotic fx patterns create an otherworldly atmosphere featuring electronic oddities of yesteryear.

Working with a wide array of instruments from synthesizers to drums, Fireball F.C creates an intensely rich madcap symphony of twisted sounds & rhythms – bizarrely uplifting mind-expanding rock that listeners can practically swim in.

RIYL: Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, The Beatles