Plutonic Group Syncs :: Poison Arrow by ABC (1982)

Poison Arrow

⇄ Poison Arrow ⇆



We are proud to represent Poison Arrow for sync licensing opportunities. This is the original recording of the ABC hit single, with the band controlling the master rights.

Pop wasn’t all doom, gloom and cheesy ghastliness in 1982: in the same month that ABC released their second single, both the Jam and Kraftwerk topped the charts.

In the early 80s pristine pop like this poured from British radios on a daily basis. Smash Hits and the NME both described this ‘New Pop’ as smart and irresistible. And ABC were the masters of it (aided here by the producing legend Trevor Horn).

Heavily reliant on synthesizers and computer programmed instrumentation, ABC worked the New Romantic edge to its slightly sleazier, stylish side. And did it with a certain sense of pop maturity.

Included on their 1982 debut album, The Lexicon of Love , the track reached #6 on the UK singles chart, #4 in Australia. and also was their first entry on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, at #25 – with Karen Clayton providing the backing vocals.

An uplifting melody with pulsing pads, vintage synths and effects. Timeless glamour pop with beefy bass, electronic beats and a driving groove.

Cinematic, ambitious and knowing, ‘Poison Arrow’ is one of the finest British pop singles of that decade. An undeniable part of music history.


RIYL: Soft Cell, Human League