Plutonic Group Syncs :: Resist by Landscape (Band)


⍎ Resist ⍎


Refocused around five musicians, the Landscape project, led by Guillaume de Chirac, makes a turn in a new direction. He gradually moved the band from its post-rock roots to a more ethereal, soothing pop as heard on the track, Resist.

With his third album, LP3, de Chirac refocused on what he knows best. A formula more connected with a single vocalist, while giving pride of place to the piano and mellotron tones.

For example, on the driving piano-led anthem, ‘Resist‘.. with its swirling, dreamy synths, solid drums,  electric guitar and soaring strings, each gently build over the hypnotic groove of a flamboyant yet serene soundscape.

Layers of multiple instruments – including voices – blend into a silky and delicate substance of alternative pop. The velvety vocals of Nicolas Leroux, in particular, give the tone of ‘Resist‘ a more coherent, homogeneous feel blending naturally into the sound texture.

This track, in essence, marks a solid return to open spaces and a certain form of freedom.

Landscape craft atmospheric landscapes which this collective group of musicians does incredibly well; interweaving acoustic guitars, dramatic strings, as well as lush keys under tranquil vocal melodies. Melodies that echo their serene objective of transporting the listener into an unparalled destination; entered through their beautiful instrumentation and thoroughly executed songwriting.


RIYL:  Coldplay, Radiohead