〣 Rising Tide 〣

The Gentleman Losers, the art-rock duo of the brothers Samu Kuukka and Ville Kuukka, serve a mix of ambient aesthetics, lo-fi-but-hi-fi production, post-rock leanings, a hint of Americana, with dark undercurrents on each song.

‘Rising Tide’ – taken from TGL’s album Permanently Midnight and featuring guest vocalist Patrick Sudarski from TGL’s other band Lessons – is a fusion of Memphis soul with a 60s Motown-type feel and 70’s Americana. The track is sumptuously layered with the interweaving of lo-fi sonorities, grainy harmonic vocals, psych-tinged electric guitars, synthetic resonances and soft pulsations. The lyrics, which are rather naive and innocent in its optimistic message, are inspired by the breezy, poppy and positive sound of the song. On the album, ‘Rising Tide’ serves as a beacon of hope after the more sombre mood of some of the other tracks.

With the addition of vocals and synthesizer instrumentation, The Gentleman Losers unique sound world has further evolved, producing a rejuvenated, cathartic and deeply bewitching sonic experience.

RIYL: Advisory Circle, Boards of Canada, Benioit Pioulard, Lambchop, Bibio