⋛ Risotto ⋚


The experimental Icelandic band, aYia is avant-garde electro-pop, perfected. Their sound is mysterious and fluid — a spacious world full of possibility and poetry, as captured in their track, ‘Risotto‘. The trio uses minimal beats, whispering vocals and tiny pulses to create an ephemeral world of slightly intimidating silences.

aYia approaches electronic music in an unconventional and experimental way. In the dark electro track, ‘Risotto‘, we find a lot of intriguing effects, together with strange noises, motifs and stylistically diverse solutions.

Above it all, a dominate melancholic or disturbing atmosphere reigns over the composition, saturating it in cosmic dust. Subtle references, particularly, to neoclassical music weave in and around the slow tempo, gothic synthesizers, and noise elements.

They surround the delicate and soft voice of the vocalist, Ásta, the individual behind aYia’s breathy, sibilant vocals. Her ethereal, dripping sweetness, fancy singing gives us shivers.

aYia creates a peculiar and surreal space. An elusive space that does not seem to exist, but, its magnetism strongly affects us, therefore we want to find ourselves and stay in it.

As shown above, they boldly explore the dark corners of electronic music. And the sounds that materialize before us are very sensual. Listening to the album ” aYia” you will completely break away from reality…

RIYL: Bjork, GANGLY, Högni