☯ Ruins ☯


Ruins” pulls back the curtain on the landscape aYia occupy: it’s a vast and expansive wilderness of sound and voice; intelligently channelled into a singular musical vision.

Less of a traditional band and more of a mysterious entity emerging from a crack in the space/time continuum. aYia sounds like nothing you’ll have heard before or likely to hear elsewhere.

Haunting symphony of mysterious and pulsing hypnotic rhythms, Ruins, creates a sense of urgent tension. The minimal synth melodies. The guttural pounding bass line and twitching, creepy overtones glazed with ghostly breathy vocals.

Breathy vocals whispered from the other side of the void, but matched with deep, erratic and wholly unpredictable beats

Icelandic poet Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir – aYia’s vocalist – reveals more of her character as the piece progresses. And it’s as disarming as you’d expect: by turns fragile, hypnotic, angry, menacing and portentous.

The power of ‘Ruins’ and indeed of aYia, is their uncanny ability to confound and bewilder in the best possible way – even as you embark on yet another listen, you’re never quite sure exactly which dark path it might lead you down this time, but fear not – each one leads somewhere utterly magical.

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