▒ Runaway ▒


Tomemitsu often describes his music as “bedroom recordings” from Echo park, California. His style, in particular extremely laid back and relaxing, with an Indie vibe to it. To enumerate this point, we give you, ‘Runaway‘, from his debut album, m_o_d_e_s…

Martin Tomemitsu Roark performs under the name Tomemitsu. He has been making music for as long as he can remember.

On ‘Runaway’, Tomemitsu crafts a wonderfully delicate dream pop landscape. A landscape that drag us into his acoustic world of light guitar touches, imperceptible electronics.

His warm voice and light sound experiments, minimized in the name of intimate and fluid indie-pop.

“Swaying in a daydream of two-chord guitar strums, the single seemingly breathes easy with refreshing reverberation. Echoed whispers recall imagery of distant lands; escapism through the medium of music. With eyes closed and ‘Runaway’ playing at soothing volumes, you’ll find it easy to just let go of everything.” — Filter Magazine

Strummed, multi-layered acoustic guitars infused with an upbeat summery groove embellish the Brazilian-tinged folk-pop piece.  Tomemitsu’s distant vocal hovers over a bright, playful toy organ, hand percussion and steady drum beat.

After releasing the album in 2013, Tomemitsu gained attention owning to standout tracks, ‘In Dreams‘ and ‘Runaway‘.

As a result, his audience of friends turned into a growing worldwide following. The tracks, were licensed to feature on episodes of the web-turned-HBO series High Maintenance.

His music on the whole can be defined as bedroom pop but notably much more than that, indeed..

Tomemitsu’s music takes influence from his Brazilian heritage, a 90s childhood, and bright, almost exotic tones as can be heard on ‘Runaway‘.

In other words, everything’s aimed at enhancing the essential part of the composition. His vocal whispers, markedly support the ethereal sound flow.

You’ll have ‘Runaway’ wafting through your brainbox and consequently haunting your vascular muscle pumping place for days on end!


RIYL: Mutual Benefit, Jessica Pratt, Tyler Burkhart, Timber Timbre, Joao Gilberto