◎ Savior ◎


Ominously edgy tones wash the dreamy, oneiric sounds in ‘Savior‘ – skillfully combining dream pop with electronic elements, thought provoking lyrics expressed by soothing, multi-layered vocals..

Elin Ey and Myrra Rós ruminate about a world that moves too fast. On their song, “Savior,” the two songwriters contemplate on how to survive and cope: “My mind slows down. Breathe in, breathe out.”

As the song develops, they cry out with a somber plea, “Why is nobody breathing?” In retrospective bliss, they affirm that despite challenges, there is hope. “Out of all the things we have been through together, I know it can get better than this.”… The song is a stunning, cathartic release: a true masterpiece of 2018.

Created in collaboration with fellow Icelandic songwriter Elín Ey, ‘Savior’ is slightly more cheerful melodically than other songs on the album. But lyrically, the message is very strong and clear, ultimately quite reflective. This track was dedicated to refugees all over the world and who their ‘savior’ is, well that’s still unknown.  

Myrra Rós offers compelling music worth listening to – so go on, push that repeat button!