Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Reads - Schnitzler (Lost At Sea)


⌅ Schnitzler ⌅

Building on their spaced-out indie sound, The Reads have created what amounts to a widescreen version of a windswept epic. Think Pink Floyd’s Division Bell crossed with early Elbow and you get the idea.

Cool, brooding alt-chill track, ‘Schnitzler‘ with its contemplative, airy female vocal over a haunting, atmospheric melody enhanced by dark dance beats. Soaring, ambient guitars and piano chords meld with ominous pads, jazz drums floating above a downbeat groove.

A great chillout sound, and a band that can’t be pigeon-holed, as they seem to have their own unique sound. Whack this on your sound system, turn it up and chill out!

RIYL: Elbow, Doves, Morcheeba, Massive Attack