Seigla‘.. the second single from Tómas Jónsson self-titled album.

As a musician, Jónsson made an indelible mark on the Icelandic music scene. In recent years, he’s played with a diverse group of artists, both on and off the stage, recordings, both at home in Iceland, as well as abroad.

Minimalist serenity with a reflective piano motif, ‘Seigla‘ evolves and slightly builds with spacious, sweeping synth pads. Deep pulsating bass line, strummed acoustic guitar and percussion weaves between dreamy, abstract textures.

The Reykjavik-based songwriter embellishes his music with synth pop elements, neoclassical and nostalgic jazz motifs. In addition, he incorporates fuzzy pastel guitars along with lively drums characterizing the compositions as post rock in nature.

Jónsson constructs lush soundscapes upon which he slowly builds an ambiguous yet expressive ambiance throughout his musical works. He produces authentically unique songs with varied and unusual arrangements. Each piece, thus attracting attention, in part, due to their own individual hypnotic structures and moody atmospheres.


PGS :: Tómas Jónsson

Seigla“, as with all of the music on this album, progressive sounds of organic, 70s analog synthesizers enhance the  wrapped in an ambient dream pop glow .

Jónsson, markedly, combines the organic with the synthetic and deconstructs the musical forms and experimenting with the sound structures. As a result, we have in our hands music that not only escapes classification, but more importantly, an opus of intoxicating melodies.

Early on, Tómas received a nomination at the Icelandic Music Awards as the “Brightest Hope”. And his light, assuredly has been shining ever since…


RIYL:  Sigur Rós, Nils Frahm