〖 Shimmer (Day Two) 〗

Like most of the musical works from Will Samson, ‘Shimmer (Day Two)’ has a warm, hazy quality, unfurling slowly like a long hot summer afternoon. The track, another heartfelt, tape-recorded gem, is the second to be taken from his album Welcome Oxygen –  a slow-burn masterpiece, showcasing amorphous analogue flutterings, raw strings, artificially-aged acoustic guitars, and Samson’s own hushed, inviting vocal.

Recorded on a simple tape machine in Lisbon, the record documents a stressful two week period Samson spent recovering from a nasty accident, something that explains the honest, direct lyrics.

Centred around a striking falsetto, a strummed guitar & mournful violin – ‘Shimmer (Day Two)‘, bathed in melancholy with a flicker of piano, with multi-layered, serene and airy harmonic vocals, explores the same curious blend of ambient electronics and experimental folk as its predecessor.

RIYL: Timber Timbre, Patrick Watson, Sufjan Stevens, Labradford
Track: Nick Drake – ‘Of Crescent’