⌖ Slow Guitars ⌖

The Gentleman Losers debut album was released in 2006 and the significance of the rare find is – still to this day – incalculable and impossible to quantify. The brothers’ meticulous song-craft and divine use of instrumentation allows the music to become more than mere musical notes, but large-scale movements of soul-stirring instrumental music that unleashes a wide palette of gorgeous shades, textures, warmth, and vivid colours.

Slow Guitars‘ is a barren soundscape of electric guitar melodies and organic ambient motifs which evokes a universe between slow motion electronica and post-folk, rubbing shoulders with dusty strings, murky drum shuffle and syrup-drenched instrumentation.

The Gentleman Losers music is steeped in a magical sense of other-worldly dimensions that transcends space and time. A musical treasure; rare and divine.

RIYL: Vincent Gallo, Boards of Canada, Nils Frahm, Bibio, Deaf Center, William Basinski, Labradford