≜ Slow ≜


Icelandic trio aYia have dropped a stunning taster for their self-titled debut album in the form of Slow – an intoxicating take on trip-hop infused experimental electronica. Similarly, like the title, slow burn made up of fragile textures that tremble and shiver with a cold yawn. Idle yet menacing, it mounts into a vessel of staggering beauty that ceases time.

It’s been said there’s a cinematic quality to trip-hop. But Slow takes that concept and dials it up a couple of notches, and then some. Think Massive Attack meets Aphex Twin – creating a sound fit for a 3D IMAX experience.

And now you get an idea of how the band took elements of the genre and reworked it into something foreboding, expansive and enticing.

Coming off like a mix of Hollywood epic and art house psychological drama, “Slow” is exemplary of aYia’s synthetic dread: the high-pitched, gently flowing vocals resemble a ghost drifting across the countryside.

The computerized abyss of synths, percussion, and vocal samples outline the sounds.. in other words, like a terrifying sister to an ’80s sci-fi score.

aYia follows the lead of recent Icelandic artists, including GANGLY and Högni, set with their haunting, disquieting digital music. Dash pop music with hints of complete and total fear, mess up the percussive pattern just a bit.

And then you get something that almost manages to capture Iceland’s nightmarish mysticism.


RIYL:  Bjork, Massive Attack x Aphex Twin, Högni