【 Sparkle 】


Electronic outfit, aYia continue to develop a style that’s all their own, mixing slow, spacious, catchy compositions with a welcome sense of imagination as well as creativity. The Icelandic band capture the essence of routine and turn the track, ‘Sparkle‘ into an icy, frightful, and majestic track.

The trio that make up the band are about as mysterious as their songs. While they remain somewhat enigmatic, eruptions of their electronic pop and dreamlike trip-hop have become more frequent recently.

Sparkle‘ deals with all these little things one repetitively executes every day. That is, until they become a routine, and then, a prison.

A mellow simmer intro, slowly builds to a massive climax. Glossy, smooth and slightly disruptive sound, peppered with clock sounds and fearsome arrangements. “Sparkle” quickly enriches itself and expands like a nightmare.

With its gothic synth sounds that flex and wobble throughout, the production really shines. We haven’t heard a bass that pitch black outside of ambient drone music in ages, in pop music, pretty much, never.

aYia is not a band. What they are compelled to bring forth to the ears of listeners is a gathering. Sometimes of sounds, sometimes of people. Sometimes of vibrations so strong they draw you in

When the synthesizers eventually explode, it’s too late: you are amazed and full of shivers down your spine.


RIYL: Bjork, Högni