Plutonic Group Syncs :: Anita O'Day

Special Delivery

✉ Special Delivery ✉


Few female singers matched the hard-swinging and equally hard-living Anita O’Day! Her sheer exuberance and talent in all areas of jazz vocals was simply astounding.

Anita set the standard for future singers in the band despite her short-lived stay with The Stan Kenton Orchestra. Her vo-cool style influenced a whole school of singers that included June Christy and Chris Connor. O’Day was Kenton’s biggest attraction at the time, still riding on her success with Gene Krupa’s band during 1941-43. While most of the singers who worked with Kenton were more or less ‘unknowns’ when they joined him, Anita was different.

As can be heard in this 1940s upbeat big band classic, ‘Special Delivery‘. The swinging jazz combo opens with rousing horn fanfare. Anita’s vocal sweeps in, then shifts to a bouncy, bebop style accompanied by lively walking bass.

The rhythmically assured vocal style made Anita O’Day a premier singer of both the big-band and postwar jazz eras.

RIYL: Ella Fitzgerald, June Christy