Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Reads - Spitting Feathers (Lost At Sea)

Spitting Feathers

【 Spitting Feathers 】

Just over two years after The Reads released their debut album ‘Stories from the Border’, they were ready to do it all again with their 2014 sophomore effort, titled ‘Lost At Sea’.

With a relaxed, nostalgic psychedelic folk-rock groove, ‘Spitting Feathers‘ dreamy synths blend into soaring guitar melody from the moody atmospheric into featuring indie male vocal. The track builds with a symphony of busy distorted lo-fi drums, jarring stabs and guitars mixed into Prog rock cacophony.

Even though ‘Lost At Sea’ was released in 2014, it still holds it’s own, the 10 tracks are such a joy to listen to, with some really amazing vocals and lyrics spreading across the album with only what can be described as blissful.

RIYL: Coldplay, Doves, Stone Roses, Super Furries, Elbow