Plutonic Group Syncs :: Stand Still by Chimes & Bells

Stand Still

Stand Still


Slow, brooding and circular song structures seamlessly intertwine on the ‘Chimes & Bells‘ hauntingly alluring track, ‘Stand Still‘.

Unlike previous collaborations where Trier was part of a collective project, with Chimes & Bells she has creative control. It culminated in the 2008 four-track ep, Into Pieces of Wood‘. An ep filled with dark, gleaming pop melodies and climactic explosions of melodic noise rock.

Influenced by Mazzy Star, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, their sound is minimalist and droney.

The opener, ‘Stand Still‘ both reluctantly and extremely, unfolds rather slowly in an intersection between noisy shoegaze and post-rock.

Infused with soft percussion, and an almost invisible guitar tone, ‘Stand Still‘ eases you into what feels like the beginning of an acid trip. With the howling of the simplistic guitar and mumblings of the Trier’s vocals, you can’t help but be reminded of The Doors.

Forboding captivating soundscape coupled with a hypnotic blend of layered folk harmonies and expansive shoegaze atmospherics – ominous yet polished. Trier’s deep vocals mesh perfectly with organ, cello, screaming guitars, drums & bass.

The combination of the slow, post-rocky, small-shaggy universe added to Trier’s extremely beautiful, echoing vocals strikes the bull’s eye.

Yes, the slowness is actually so dominant that it tends to be monotonous. But it should not be misconstrued as boring; rather it is about repetition, intended to lull the listener into a trance-like state. A condition not least helped by the spherical vocals of Cæcilie Trier, that notably swoop over the listener and invite to decay.

In the slowness also lies the frustration and lurking, supported by the decipherable lyrics; for example: “I still have your jacket / and you still have my heart, my heart, my heart” (“Stand Still”).

Chimes & Bells possess a fragile beauty that can transform…


RIYL: Imogen Heap, The Cranberries, The Doors, Le Failure, Florence Welsh