⑄ Stax ⑄

A fan of that fun, driving 1970s classic rock sound? Well gather around the stereo and put your headphones on and trip the light fantastic with Fireball F.C!

The trippy, ethereal chorus of celestial ‘ahhs’ opens the track, ‘Stax‘, which quickly morphs into a boombastic, punchy cosmic psycho-rockabilly strut tinged with a bit of glam, showcasing a saturated and textured lead male vocal joined by soaring choir of mixed backing vocals that sit above raging, twangy guitars and pounding classic rock drums. Key/tempo change @2:59 slows to a mellow rhythm and psychedelic groove of fuzz-drenched riffs, layers of dark electric guitars twisted around a hazy organ and sci-fi synth lines.

Triumphant electro-glam rock stomper for 21st-century boys…

RIYL: Pink Floyd x Rolling Stones