╍ Stay In ╍


Echo Park denizen, Martin Roark (of Basement Babies) goes by Tomemitsu when performing lax folk. As if plucked from a lulling day-dream, his gentle guitar strums and soft vocals hover over a vaporous cloud of sleepy melodies on the track, ‘Stay In‘.

Hypnotic, lo-fi bedroom-pop piece features a dreamy blend of light guitar touches, imperceptible electronics and intimately whispered vocals. Each supporting the ethereal flow of gentle sounds focused on world rhythms and ambient/chance soundscapes.

With this album, Roark wants you to hear what it is to be in love or out of love. To be in your bedroom listening to the sounds of the streets outside, the cars passing by.

The people walking home or off to a show, the nighttime air and the deep marine layer.

He wants you to feel sad and tired and wilted, he wants you to feel like you want more. Expressly, to feel the deep dark insides of your heart and the reaching out of your soul.

Tomemitsu wants you to listen to this song and think of slumber, of surrender. To think of soothing yourself with daydream escapades or stuck-in-traffic mind wanderings. That includes remembering your past loves and lost, and to feel yourself drifting forward.

He wants you to escape, to close your eyes and to see the space around you. That is to say, to be in your place and to be somewhere else, to smell the sky.

He wants you to feel passion. He wants you not to be discouraged, in particularly he wants you to lust for music.

More than just bedroom pop, ‘Stay In’ is a dream awakened towards the hope and inner fire that animates us. Hence, comforting us in the idea of staying under the quilt in our personal dreamscape.


RIYL: Novo Amor, Seaweed Salad, Tyler Burkhart