♛ Stephanie Saturday ♛

A happy potpourri of British and American pop influences, ‘Stephanie Saturday’ from Thibauld Labey and his band, Trumpets of Consciousness. A tasty bit of pop that puts you in a good mood.

French psych-rock act, Trumpets of Consciousness, released their delightful single, “Stephanie Saturday” off their LP, Approximate. A maelstrom of cheerful pop, summoning both the Beach Boys and Stereolab.

Stephanie Saturday’ goes a long way to putting this record firmly on the radars of fans and critics.

This vibrant track features a finger-snapping dance beat complete with quirky synths and keys sprinkled with a touch of romantic and baroque finery. Singer Thibauld Labey’s weightless vocals bring everything together for a playful daydream that’s a joy to get lost in.

Blossoming with 60s nuances and continental pop sensibilities, the piece evokes a jolly, playful mood.  A real smile spreader with its upbeat nature. Meanwhile, Labey’s soft vocal washes over the track effortlessly. Retro instrumentation and worn synths blip along in an alluring way, thus creating an elegant and easy listening soundscape.

The album is as fun as ‘Stephanie Saturday’, so you’re in for a real treat!

Musically, the song’s got this weird amalgam of sounds. At times sounding like Phoenix, then twisting into this extravagant sibling of Radiohead. Consequently, the melody slinks back to this intoxicating bounce that one can only find in French pop (of the best sort, of course).

And if the song doesn’t do it for you, then surely the video will; it’s clever stop-action footage, like a kaleidoscopic hybrid between Terry Gilliam and Flight of the Conchords, matched perfectly to the tune!

Stephanie Saturday’ is a master stoke of electro indie pop


RIYL: Brian Wilson, Tame Impala, The Strokes