Plutonic Group :: Erimaj - The Day The Sun Rose Twice (Instrumental)

The Day The Sun Rose Twice

〄 The Day The Sun Rose Twice 〄

From the abstract mind of world-renowned drummer Jamire Williams, ERIMAJ is a progressive band that stirred up the NYC scene with their new sound and experimental attitude towards the art form. ERIMAJ focused on breaking down the genre walls while still capturing the hearts of the true listener.

As you can hear on the track, ‘The Day The Sun Rose Twice‘, a free jazz-style instrumental with a sparse, uneasy keyboard melody, smokey horns and subtle drums intro that morphs with a caffeinated build, weaving around the spacey melody and a dark, late-night trumpet that flutters lightly over a shimmering, dissonant Fender Rhodes, the soft strokes of Wurlitzer keys and off-centre rhythms influenced by hip-hop producer J Dilla. The muted horns and pastoral-sounding drums ease us into the peacefully rattling sound of post-Pat Metheny guitar harmonies.

Climaxing with multi-variant drum, guitar & brass clusters build to a hushed cacophonous swell @04:42

Erimaj is the next generation of jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop musicians like Christian Scott, Nicholas Payton, Robert Glasper, and endless musicians like them, who never want to keep this art form in a box. Who always spice up and mix black culture in today’s jazz music to keep the fire and legacy of this music moving forward.

RIYL: Christian Scott, Nicholas Payton, Robert Glasper