'The Experiments of Dr. Sarconi' by Birdengine

The Experiments of Dr. Sarconi

☾ The Experiments of Dr. Sarconi ☾


Birdengine‘s album, The Crooked Mile is unashamedly Outsider Music, riddled with themes of alienation and a sense of not belonging; an outcast even among the freaks. It’s a dark carnival moving on creaking wheels through the back roads and country lanes at midnight, along the Lovecraftian boundaries of dream and reality.

Tilbury‘s strengths lie in his ability to move smoothly between the full band sound and Tilbury’s own more intimate musings. ‘The Experiments of Dr Sarconi’ shows Birdengine‘s dynamic ability at it’s most pervasive – sinister sounding vocal deliveries, memorable melodies and distinct sounds are littered along the acoustic track.

The darkness of pre-war cabaret and avant-garde theatre permeates the track, ‘The Experiments of Dr Sarconi’, gives off a thick atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and mystery – seeping with paranoia and intrigue whilst at the same time brimming with personality and distinction.  The off-kilter acoustic guitar and expressionistic lyrics highlight the slightly strange and falsetto vocals.

It makes sense though, because through it all, The Crooked Mile is always a totally dark album, seeping with paranoia and intrigue. Each song demands your respect and is engaging enough to earn it, and if you’re anything like us, captures your imagination in a wonderfully cool and morbid way.