Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Trp Lavender (song)


〨 Lavender 〨


‘We make music for kids in inter-dimensional travel’, reads The Trp’s SoundCloud bio – a strangely accurate testament to the strange, psychedelic yet breezy music the London/New York-based trio previously released. And even more accurate when we speak on The Trp Lavender!

We don’t know a lot about the mysterious trio The Trp – read ‘The Trip’ – except that the trio’s members have roots in 10 separate countries. Actually, this might explain the wide range of sounds that one can hear in each track.

Crowned #1 on Spotify’s Fresh Finds, The Trp Lavender, is a buzz-inducing piece of RnB that’s experimental enough to belong in a laboratory. Yet it’s still down to earth enough to belong in your rotation.

The titular plant was the perfume of choice for Prince, a key influence in the song’s sensual metaphors. The mixed vocals are delivered in a style both alluring and desperate. They flow nicely, intertwined over the beat and under a spell doubled in potency by the punchy, disoriented funk the track plays within.

This rough edged performance seems to be a perfect complement with the dizzy vibes coursing through. The track allows the trippy instrumentation to do its thing, while still allowing for some lines like:

Flora, rolled up, solar, light, heights, oo
That aroma, spaceship doing donuts
Get a whiff of this The Trp “Lavender”, new RnB aroma and stay tuned for more sonic psychedelia.
RIYL: Frank Ocean, The Internet, Brent Faiyaz, Syd, Orlando