Plutonic Group Syncs :: Soda by The TRP


⎚ Soda ⎚


Astro-soul, acid R&B, subterranean trip-hop with a lemon twist… Regardless of how you choose to classify The Trp “Soda” firmly affirms what every preceding single strongly hinted at; there’s no point in trying to classify The Trp.

What begins as a sea of clashing chord stabs and shivering drum patterns slowly distills itself into colourful harmonies and pocketed rhythms.  As a result, there’s enough room for some more comfortable passages that ease up on some experimental quirks. The outfit further entice with  and off the wall rap verse dotted across the upbeat summer groove.

The lyrics add a measure of twisted bluntness to the usual fare. The vocal work itself on “soda” is as multifaceted and diverse as the production. Woozy strains of UK Bass with an off the wall rap verse split the track down the middle.

The Trp’s music style is so expansive, they explore the universe without ever sacrificing a shred of their identity. Along with everything else the song has to offer,soda” is just a taste of what  to expect from the groups “SOAK EP”.

The Trp soda is modern RnB shaken up and under pressure, like a can of its namesake.


RIYL: Cautious Clay, Andrew Applepie, Sunni Colón, C O M M A N D, Anderson Paak