Plutonic Group Syncs :: Dr. Rubberfunk - Theme For A Latter-day Lothario (Hot Stone LP)

Theme For A Latter-day Lothario

▲ Theme For A Latter-day Lothario Featuring Rogiérs ▲

A rock-solid funk beat banger as Dr. Rubberfunk is known to drop with a consistency like you wouldn’t believe, with some smartly dropped vocal snatches that fall in with the beat perfectly.

Theme For A Latter-day Lothario‘ featuring Rogiérs is a late night blues-infused shuffling soul track, embracing a neo-jazz groove with cut up samples of a looped piano notes in the mix, a 90s RnB lead male/harmonic vocals accompanied by live instrumentation (rhythm guitar, driving drums) over a throbbing, head-bobbin’ bass line.


RIYL: D’Angelo x Brand New Heavies x Bilal