Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Postmarks - Theme From Memoirs (2009)

Theme From ‘Memoirs

Theme From ‘Memoirs

The Manhattan-based outfit, The Postmarks, have a degree of twee and kitsch values, but the majority of their music is borne from lush soundscapes evoking sixties film music, particularly that of John Barry.

Theme From “Memoirs’ does exactly what it says on the tin – the sound of a film-less film theme. It’s an almost James Bond pastiche – imagine a cross between classic John Barry and Gene Pitney’s ‘Town Without Pity’; the twanging reverb of the guitars are complimented with string sounds and a breathy wordless vocal.

‘Theme from Memoirs’ is a full-blown foray into a John Barry-esque vintage film score sound transporting you to a 60’s spy movie via it’s lush, mysterious and smooth pop orchestrations with cascading strings and percussive panache.

RIYL: Portishead x John Barry