Plutonic Group Syncs :: Toydrum's Evangelist - Know One Will Ever Know (Single)

This Is The World That I Created

∞ This Is The World That I Created ∞


Evangelist, a concept album, is a loosely autobiographical tale about a preacher’s life. Exaggerated a little like any great tale, it would follow his peak, his downward spiral into drugs and vice, his attempted redemption and ultimately his failure.

A strange, brooding blend of gospel, dark electronica and hypnotic psychedelia is all wrapped around recordings of the intimate, truth-telling voice of Gavin Clark, a singer-songwriter who died in 2015, aged 46.

The album opens with the reflective “The World That I Created” initially borne out by the deep, sonorous piano chords and funeral tone – the spectral sound of Clark examining his spirituality.

A bleak and gothically romantic intro is furthered along with eerie synth textures & cinematic, tension-filled tremolo cello strings combine to create a cold, wet and windy backdrop accompanied by beautifully ghostly backing vocals and softly despondent, weathered male vocals.

Track: Dangermouse and Sparklehorse’s 2009 collaboration ‘Dark Night of the Soul’