Plutonic Group Syncs :: The Postmarks - Thorn In Your Side (Memoirs At The End Of The World (2009)

Thorn In Your Side

┋ Thorn In Your Side ┋


The Postmarks create epic, cinematic, multi-instrumental pop with its beautiful melodies and alluring soundscapes. The group crafted their most moodiest, sturdiest arrangements yet, and the results sound sumptuous, on ‘Thorn On Your Side‘.

It’s hard to say which of The Postmarks’ musical elements hold the key to their retro themed style.  The cinematic arrangements are vital. Yet Yehezkely’s wistful voice you’ll find both charming and perfect for the sound The Postmarks set out to achieve.

Memoirs At the End Of The World is like a combination of lo-fi indie dream pop, with the film score of an epic drama. In that way, all the songs seem to be linked to one another. They tell a story while playing on your emotions, in much the same way as a film can do.

In the spirit of incredibly influential score composer John Barry, the compositions on Memoirs at the End of the World easily recall a long lost theme song between From Russia With Love and Goldfinger.

Pristine orchestrated pop beauty, ‘Thorn In Your Side‘, features a smoky string intro merged with noir-ish surf guitar and atmospheric electronics.  Yehezkely’s intimate, yet nonchalant vocals bring forth the melody and mystery inherent in this track.  Like a chanteuse standing in the middle of the swirling cinematic setting –  she keeps things grounded even when the harpsichords, strings, and horns threaten to carry the songs off.

An unlikely marriage of craft and unpracticed charm — music made for dreamers, by dreamers. The Postmarks are not just paying homage to their cinematic heroes; they’re living them up and having fun with it.


RIYL: Portishead x John Barry