Plutonic Group Syncs :: Three Little Birds by The Postmarks (cover song)

Three Little Birds

〶 Three Little Birds 〶


Bob Marley’s, ‘Three Little Birds’ – an iconic, hopeful, upbeat song glimmering to the brim with sunshine. It’s the song you listen to, to remind yourself that, hey, every little thing’s going to be alright. Most of the covers that we’ve heard string out a similar vibe, and always pretty refreshing. That’s what we expected with The Postmarks cover, but boy were we wrong.

When the Postmarks have to stretch more to make the songs their own, the results are no less satisfying.

Amazingly, The Postmark‘s perform a cover of ‘Three Little Birds‘ with a totally different feel. Completely transformed –  no reggae in sight! Instead, it’s a slow-motion highlight, with gentle guitars and wide-screen percussion. A quiet and beautiful narco-lullaby suffused with a soft, grey cloud that feels a little like sorrow and hope.

A cello plays out an echoing countermelody, as Yehezkely’s childlike voice floats above the hazy atmospheric loop of shimmery percussion and a delicate finger-picked guitar.

Then Yehezkely whispers, “Every little thing is gonna be alright”, and you’ll want to believe..

Nostalgic undertones mixed with haunting vocals and instrumental effects puts The Postmarks stamp on their somber take of the original. It almost has you asking the question, “Are things REALLY going to be alright?!”.

Life can be hard, and even depressing, but keep your eyes on those three little birds.


RIYL: Ivy, Softies, Camera Obscura