〶 Til Hennar 〶


It’s a cold and tough climate in the nordic seas. Especially if you live in Iceland, the island with no trees. You can truly touch the melancholy of Árstíðir‘s music in their Olafur Árnalds produced album, ‘Svefns og vöku skil’  particularly on the track, ‘Til Hennar’ – a beautiful and relaxing affair of folk music and indie pop.

In the penultimate song “Til Hennar” melodrama comes into play with nervous strings and horror fairy tale highlights. Combining traditional Icelandic folk, balladic singer-songwriting and the classic art song featuring melancholic lead male/harmonic backing vocals – sparse but effective strings sound precise and longing at the same time while the piano plays the same role here as in timeless Romanticism melodies.

Árstíðir comes without any drums or percussion and surprisingly you don’t even miss it. There are acoustic guitars, piano and above all string instruments arranged in chamber music format.

Even though many of the songs are in a language we don’t understand, the fragile beauty of their music and the harmony of it speaks to every soul. You can feel that to Árstíðir, the lyrics are important and in unity with the music. 

Nature and the weather play a central role in the melancholy songs of the folk pop sextet. “The seasons in Iceland trigger emotions that flow into our lyrics,” says singer and guitarist Ragnar Ólafsson. “And these feelings are reflected in the arrangements of our music.”

Árstíðir is an Icelandic band that shows the whole world how music that really touches your heart can sound!

RIYL: Simon And Garfunkel, Porcupine Tree, Ólafur Arnalds