Plutonic Group Syncs :: Tired by PAVVLA


▵Tired ▵


Paula Jornet, hides a musical alter ego, PAVVLA in which she displays all her sensitivity at the time of composing and telling stories. She also responds fluently to accelerated and danceable rhythms, flirting dangerously with the suggestion of RnB in ‘Tired’.

The track projects the dramatic tone of singers similar to Hope Sandoval on the shadows of the synthetic rhythms of James Blake.

‘Tired’ greets us with a synth-love arpeggio weaving within PAVVLA’s vocals, driven into submerging metallic chords; overlaying, the melodic and rhythmic, into her lyrical sincerity. A surprisingly harmonious combination of J Dilla-esque lo-fi syncopated hip hop beats, heavy tom kicks and nostalgic brassy synth. Progression into sympathetic keys floats gently along with the vocals, a lounge-like feel within an RnB song and sweetened, melancholic vocal harmonies.

At the same time, slow-building surges of sound ebb and flow underneath PAVVLA‘s hushed vocals.  Delicate vocals take on a new life entirely, thanks to both the strength of the lyrical content and the way in which the voice playfully lends itself to active modulation.

Her secret, you may ask? The answer lies in a camouflaged power behind a velvety voice, ballads, synths, and acoustic guitars. A style defined, in her own words “as a date between Daughter and James Blake.”

An intimate voice, reminiscent of Julien Baker or Elena Tonra; but at the same time, merging with a synth touch, hardness, and a taciturn, personal touch.

In short, this is not a musical project of an actress who wants to sing. It is the music project of a Musician!


RIYL: ‘Homemade Dynamite’ by Lorde, James Blake, Troye Sivan