⊖ Today ⊖


If some music is created with the intention of being right in the listeners face and some designed to be purely background music, then the track ‘Today’ by Paul Littlewood is a whole new concept, a song which somehow does both.

Hailing from Swinton in South Yorkshire and currently based in Sheffield, Littlewood, a skilled music-man. By and large, the original spokesman of the primary and glorious British indie pop/rock music scene!

Today‘ is a bit like a mesmerizing landscape. Something far away yet so beguiling, it fills your consciousness, untouchable but impossible to ignore.

Today soothes the listener with an endearing yet hazy musical familiarity. A clever balance of bucolic pop, it swirls with blurred sonic edges. Unobtrusive yet ubiquitous, hanging in the air with raw emotion, cocooning your ears.

A song which discreetly blows some spirit from Wings (Paul McCartney) in the room, not only in terms of emotions but also perfection in the performance.

Both charming and sincere, Littlewood’s voice exudes warmth and sincerity. His lyrics are believable. The accompanying instrumentation is either natural talent or carefully constructed renditions of a heartfelt sonic landscape.

Here we, expressly feel raw emotion, drawing the listener into his story – signed, sealed, and delivered. Chris Isaak and John Lennon both come to mind. This is pop perfection, indeed.

“Today, time was moving slow,” Littlewood sings, over a slowly strummed guitar. Soft and easy drums meander alongside the retro lo-fi melody. The lazy Sunday morning beat sounds as if it was recorded in bed.

There’s something wonderfully heartwarming about the lyrics. In essence, a real English, tea drinking, breezy, over the garden fence chat sort of vibe..

Littlewood influencers include the lo-fi artistry of Jason Molina, the upfront songwriting craft of Neil Young;  not to mention the DIY production aesthetic of Sparklehorse.

And no matter if you are into Brit-indies or not, you have to check listen to, ‘Today‘, because, after all, quality is what we seek in art right?


RIYL: Neil Young, John Lennon, Sparklehorse, Grandaddy, Elliot Smith