≋ Unfold≋

Following his 2016 debut ’The Journey Tapes’,  Ed Carlsen returned in 2018 with new material — ‘Elusive Frames’ explores a darker side of Carlsen’s palette. written over the fall and winter spent in Copenhagen.

A sweet melancholy hovers lightly over ethereal notes on ‘Unfold‘, painting a rich atmosphere where a solo piano is nakedly recorded so close to the hammers, you can hear every press and creak as a soft melody unfurls

There is always this sweetness where strength and fragility mingle, typical of the Carlsen’s compositions. Intimate, warm, even in the dead cold of winter in Copenhagen. It is good to be lulled, gently and majestically.

A new opus of beauty.


RIYL: Keith Jarrett, Julien Marchal, Levi Patel