≐ Universe ≐


In the album-titled track ‘Universe’ – a tender though roughly recorded offering from Belgian singer-songwriter, Catbug, you’ll hear echoes of contemporary artists such as Joanna Newsome, Feist, Low to the classic folk of Joni Mitchell.

A while ago Paulien Rondou aka Catbug says she does not play cool music because she is not cool herself. Whoever hears ‘Universe’ doesn’t doubt for a second that she has remained authentic on this album, not least because she recorded everything herself

Melancholic lo-fi folk theme with nostalgic melody enveloped in a shimmery sheath of dreamy tenderness – gentle and delicate layered acoustic guitars accompany frail, airy female vibrato/harmonic vocals.


RIYL: Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Snow, Joanna Newsome, Norah Jones