Plutonic Group Syncs :: aYia - Water Plant (Single)

Water Plant

✇ Water Plant ✇


Listening to “Water Plant” by aYia is truly an out-of-body experience difficult to describe. Atmospheric to the point of being intoxicating, the trio invites the listener to “sink through a hole, into a liquid wasteland.”

Moody as well as kinetic, ‘Water Plant‘ features stunning, evocative vocals that hover above reshaped electro-pop textures. Irregular rhythms, ambient lines and pulsing/well-controlled beats drift away from you, pulsating like a ripple on a still lake.

The rhythm stutters along at a relaxed, languid pace.  Punctuated by synth stabs, euphoric dips and rises float majestically across an ambient, pulsating backbeat. Soft washes of sound, circled gently by Ásta’s barely-there vocal, soar into the ether. It’s a pleasingly sparing arrangement of sound, indeed.

“It is about the in-between moments, when you suddenly have no clue of where you are and what is happening,” the band tell us.

The sudden appearance of aYia in October 2016 felt like the arrival of a new entity—or the discovery of a new place—more than the launch of a project by three individuals. It materialized quietly, as if out of nowhere. The faces of the people behind the music shrouded beneath hoods and hidden in shadows. The presentation felt purposeful, and it was immediately apparent that aYia was something with a personality all of its own.

Listening to “Water Plant” is truly an out-of-body experience difficult to describe!


RIYL: The Knits, Vök