〧 Water 〧


Myrra Rós takes us to a world of dreams and dreamy sounds. As an illustration, with the track, ‘Water’, she skillfully combines elements of dream pop with indie folk and post rock. With calm beauty and quiet radiance, the Icelandic chanteuse balances on a fine line between ballad and song, between day and dream.

The murky atmosphere of the alt-indie song, ‘Water is mysterious, starting with the semi-delicate Joy Division bass enhanced by Myrra’s gentle vocal tones. The pace is splendidly changed with layers of raptures and bursts — acting as a background for her emotional and ethereal backing vocals, supporting the melodic progression.

Her style is personal and quite dark, but never difficult to comprehend. The pleasant Nordic melancholy is close at hand – sadness combined with hopefulness. Notably, Myrra Rós is a master at captivating her audience with her voice and delicate harmonies. 

Myrra’s words flow calmly and slowly. The sandy color of her voice, extremely deep, poetic lyrics with this haze of darkness lurking behind every sound. And thus, bluntly reaching the listener. She dresses her lyrics in a magical, poetic envelope. Not to mention, allowing each word to fully penetrate your soul and feel close to them.

The Icelandic artist offers us a musical journey through the land of beauty, where space, spirituality and emotions reign.


RIYL: Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack