▒ Waves ▒


Paul Littlewood has a signature arrangement style, a way of doing songs. No fancy tricks, no production wizardry, just subtly changing low-key textures and a voice.

Gentle, peaceful acoustic guitar layers adorn the track, ‘Waves‘ as  Littlewood’s dreamy, heartfelt vocals with an ethereal ‘ooh’ vocal hook float above the swirling, distant synth pads. Organic and atmospheric, the song’s emotional narrative hangs over the strummed guitar lines while the echoes of a brooding cello enter @:29.

A huge fan of lo-fi, all of Littlewood’s compositions are recorded on a beloved Zoom MRS-1266, an 8 track recorder, giving listeners the freedom to find in each of them, what they wish.

‘This haunting spectral music will seep into your soul and steal it.’ ~ Electric Ghost Journal

RIYL: James Vincent McMorrow, Novo Amor, Dustin Tebbutt