Plutonic Group Syncs :: We by Landscape (Band)


☷ We ☷


Landscape is such a suitable name for the delicate post-rock group from Paris, France. Crafting atmospheric landscapes is something that the collective group of musicians does incredibly well; interweaving acoustic guitars, dramatic strings, and lush keys over tranquil vocal melodies like on “We” with its enchanting melody.

There is nothing cold and systematic about ‘We‘, because its motif already contains an intrinsic beauty. Whether it be a few loose notes on a Rhodes or the arpeggio of the guitar. And above it all there’s the voices of incoherent lyrics woven into the song,  sequenced, stacked musical motifs

Emotive, atmospheric pop-tinged post-rock essentially built around repetition and minimalism. Beautifully decorated with swirling, dreamy Rhodes organ, percussion and electric guitar, eventually, building gently over an hypnotic groove.

To enumerate, Landscape “simply makes beautiful and touching music. Each sound, each melody awakens different emotions. A very zen atmosphere emerges, planned and well executed, sometimes quite smooth, sometimes more rock.”

The essence of the combo comes from something much deeper, held by a collective breath, waiting for it to exhale.

So do not fasten your belts, they will be useless, but rather, let yourself be lulled by the softness and sensuality of these this incredible composition.


RIYL: Sigur Rós, Mogwai