㊂ Weed Garden ㊂

More suited for soundtracking the movements of shadowy silhouettes than rocking ass at a club, Gentlemen Losers paint a vivid picture for their listeners with scant brushstrokes.

A Sparse, delicate minimal solo piano opens ‘Weed Garden‘, slow cadences of changing chords – 55 notes of piano played almost by mistake, looking for the right direction. Peaceful & dreamy with a soft, floating layer of gritty tape hiss on the surface creates a nostalgic feel, straddling that fine line between twilight beauty and dusky threat.

The Kuukka brothers, like the best film scores and newspaper paginators, use white space to their advantage, surrounding barren soundscapes with an invisible ring of free-floating nothingness.

RIYL: Labradford, Boards of Canada, Vincent Gallo, Nils Frahm, Bibio, Deaf Center, William Basinski