⊜ Welcome Oxygen ⊜


If you’ve been on the lookout for a new favourite singer-songwriter, check out England’s Will Samson. His album’s first single is also its title track. “Welcome Oxygen” delivers gentle, downtempo pop, this time filled out with a well-placed violin solo.

Welcome Oxygen never sounds like an umpteenth cliché of Folktronica. It goes well beyond that, we come across a whispered mysticism, a melancholy of the traveller. We could get closer to Nick Drake, ‘Of Crescent’ or the magnificence of ‘Sapphie’ by Richard Youngs but it would probably fall short of what you’ll find. It certainly feels like Samson has the same taste for introspective minimalism as the furious Labradford or Pan American records.

All eight of the ‘Welcome Oxygen‘ tracks are very much like a river, soothing, clean melodies, which tie into each other and remind one of intimacy, loss and a sense of hopeful reflection.

An exquisite soundscape of ambience & folk – showcasing amorphous analogue flutterings, artificially-aged acoustic guitars & hushed, inviting vocal over quiet meandering guitar rhythm as arching strings swell with magnificent grace.

RIYL: Timber Timbre, Patrick Watson, Sufjan Stevens, Labradford, Nick Drake