Plutonic Group Syncs :: Whether The Weather by The Rotary Fifth

Whether the Weather

⌘ Whether the Weather ⌘


The Rotary Fifth fuse elements of jazz, psychedelia and pop into a kaleidoscopic dream world  of vibrant colour and emotional honesty.

A contemporary take on early-’70s crossover jazz, ‘Whether the Weather‘ might cause The Rotary Fifth to gain new fans! Their trans-temporal “sound,” coupled with abstract elements serve to give the record a moody, atmospheric edge.

Languid, spacey lounge with dreamlike melodies, ‘Whether the Weather‘ opens with mysterious, distant vocal hooks washed in hauntingly hypnotic tones. These ingredients gently evolve as Michelle lends the softest of vocals to the languid instrumentation. Ample servings of Fender Rhodes keys, trippy synth efx and floaty ambient textures, subsequently unfurl into a late night soundscape of chilled electronics.

These 21st century lounge soundtrackers have created a sublime collection warm, rich, mood music. A seamless blend of electronic sounds, lush production and down-tempo grooves are too much (and too nice) to resist.


RIYL: Röyksopp x Zero 7 x Air x Massive Attack