Plutonic Group Syncs :: Wide Awake by Idris Elba ft. Shakka

Wide Awake

Ξ Wide Awake Ξ


Idris Elba may be best known for his acting roles but there’s also a musical side to him. Elba and co-producer Fred Cox recruited a stellar array of established and upcoming musicians to interpret Elba’s vision. With this intention, the duo released a compilation of songs inspired by his character Detective John Luther. The album, Murdah Loves John, features eight tracks, including ‘Wide Awake’, exploring the troubled path of solving crime.

Resisting the urge to become a singing detective, Elba invited guest vocalist Shakka, who works his magic on the catchy, reggae-influenced ‘Wide Awake’. His gentle yet enthusiastic vocal that builds with the tracks infectious melody. The percussion blends in with the soothing guitars, melodic bassline and bouncing beats.

This isn’t the first time Elba has paired his acting with his music; in 2014 he released a gospel-based album, mi Mandela after his role in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

While mi Mandela focused on South African freedom and revolution, Murdah Loves John explores the troubled path of solving crime. A dark journey of synth beats and somber lyrics, creates a gloomy soundscape for John Luther’s murder mysteries.

The album, inspired by the BBC1 drama, will make listeners feel as if they are driving through London when they listen to it. Idris Elba demonstrated how broad his talents really are with Murdah Loves John.

To be able to express a visual character into a listening experience is a very creative move…