Plutonic Group Syncs :: With Wings Falling by Levi Patel

With Wings Falling

〧 With Wings Falling 〧


Just as he does on previous releases, Levi Patel distinguishes himself on this recording, too, with “With Wings Falling” — an elegant exercise in wistful reflection

Patel is quietly claiming his rightful place in the spotlight. With three solo records, a collaboration with electronic producer Suren Unka and a short film soundtrack under his belt.

He takes a refreshing approach to classical music. Crafting rich and layered soundscapes using minimalist piano and intricate string sections, as well as the occasional electronic flourish.

On ‘With Wings Falling‘, contrasts in mood make for a varying track, as well, here opting for prettiness and melancholy. Still, as simple in construction as Patel’s composition appears, it requires immense sensitivity to realize its quiet beauty and perform it as movingly as he does here.

A continuation of Patel’s delicate string arranging, a slow building crescendo unfolds effortlessly, building in emotion wherever necessary.

Arguably, music is most powerful when it inspires an audience to dig into other styles and genres. The great pianist, like Patel, demonstrate this time and again.

Individual opinions aside, probably no other instrument has proven to be more resourceful than the piano. With this latest release, Levi Patel reminds us that its capacity for generating new melodies is as inexhaustible as ever.


RIYL: Rhian Sheehan, Olafur Arnalds