Plutonic Group Syncs :: Fireball F.C - With You (2008)

With You

☫ With You ☫

The members of Fireball FC must have been spoon-fed the classics of the sixties and seventies as it’s quite obvious their techniques are drawn from the giants of the 60s-70s rock – there simply can be no other explanation for their authentic sound!

Uptempo party popping, rowdy, fun-loving 70s-esque glam rock stomp with unstoppable, dirty fuzzed-out riffing and reverby-lead guitar, one happy little accordion, stabs of brass, handclaps and that prerequisite cowbell – ‘With You‘ has a melody full of rhythmic finesse, power and LOTS of glam attitude. Electric melodies meshed with vintage-tinged rock ‘n’ roll guitars, infectious high energy with a dusting of swagger, uplifting lyrics and choir-like backing vocals filled with ‘oohs/la-la’s’.

RIYL: Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Rolling Stones, T.Rex