【 Wolves 】

Jamie Harper has written some of the biggest chart hits around, working with some stellar artists along the way. Some ideas, though, he just can’t part with – those are the most personal ones, the ones that connect most deeply to his life.

That’s what Calper is for. An artist project, it’s an idea led endeavour, a playful, experimental outlet for his freshest ideas.

Calper has been making those Sunday morning, lazy day, ear candy and ever so silky jams for a minute now. This latest release, ‘Wolves’ is no exception. Latir adds guest vocals, and this full collaboration finds the balancing point between two distinct pop voices. Lose yourself in the arrangement of plucked synths, perfectly arranged harmonic chops and the smooth vocals of Latir.

This one is destined for any chill, relaxing playlist. Imagine sunset filled streets, hazy mountain views and classy champagne-filled rooftop bars and you’ll be somewhere close to the sound of, ‘Wolves’.

RIYL: Frank Ocean, Chet Faker, Bipolar Sunshine