〓 You Again 〓


Hearts break in the most beautiful way with the piano ballad “You Again” by Árstíðir.

You Again‘ features beautiful orchestral elements and a fragile melancholic atmosphere. Set against a hauntingly soft piano melody, that markedly echoes and underlines the lyrics. The delicate vocals speak of the inability to let go. It sounds like a question, in the beginning, later turning to certainty, reinforced by strings.

In essence, the words though seemingly directed at a person, universally apply to anyone or anything we loved once (or love still). You cannot stop thinking, no matter how hard you try.  The multi-layered vocal parts evoke an embracing emotionality. Voices drift in and out of the harmonies. Meanwhile, the strings come into full bloom as the track breaks into an all-piano ending.

The great production work makes ‘You Again‘ seem really spacious. A space in which the musicians managed to create an unusual balance. They not only capture something private but also intimate and mysterious.

The arrangements of all the compositions in “Hvel” were prepared jointly by all the members of Árstíðir. In their acoustic compositions, they reach for neoclassical and indie-folk music coupled with elements of progressive and art-rock.

It’s out of respect and recognition for their outstanding artistic creativity that the term ‘acoustic neoclassical progressive art folk’ should appear in the Árstíðir entries in music encyclopedias.

Communing with this music is a downright transcendental experience. It’s a perfect harmony which speaks by means of sounds. It thrills with an incredibly emotional load. Yet it somehow reaches the subconscious while at the same time enabling everyone to discover its beauty.

Hvel‘ is an exceptional album. That is to say, it’s completely beautiful and utterly mesmerizing. It offers brilliant soundscapes and lyrics that speak volumes, no matter the language.  All they ask the listeners to do is to give the music their full attention.

Listen with your hearts and minds.